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Notable places

This is a temple of Aranya Devi (Forest Goddess). She is said to be the deity goddess of Ara town. Here one statue is of Adi Shakti and the second is established by the Pandavas. The temple is very old and draws many devotees every day.

The city has witnessed historical events during Independence Era, is filled with examples of marvelous architectural pieces and has beautiful ancient temples too.

Agra is a relatively safe place for tourists to visit.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Arrah
  1. Bisram. There is a temple here devoted to Jainism culture. …
  2. Jagdishpur Fort. This fort is the residence of the foremost freedom fighter of the state, Babu Veer Kunwar Singh. …
  3. Ara House, Maharaja College. Photo by Gibin Mathew
  4. Aranya Devi Temple. …
  5. Shiv Temple.