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Arrah is a city and a municipal corporation in Bhojpur district in the Indian state of Bihar. The name is also sometimes transliterated as Ara.[3] It is the district headquarters of Bhojpur district, located near the confluence of the Ganges and Sone rivers, some 24 miles from Danapur and 36 miles from Patna



After the Battle of Buxar the British took control over Arrah. Arrah was one of the centres of revolt in 1857.
During the Indian rebellion of 1857, a group of 18 British civilians and 50 Indian soldiers was besieged in the Little House at Arrah, by a band of 2500–3000 armed soldiers and around 8000 others under the command of 80-year-old Veer Kunwar Singh, the Zamindar of adjacent Jagdishpur. A British regiment, dispatched to their assistance from Danapur, was repulsed,[12] but the group withstood the siege for eight days until they were relieved by other East India Company troops.