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City of warriors

Bihar Weather: प्रचंड गर्मी की चपेट में दक्षिण बिहार, अगले दो दिन इन जिलों के तापमान में आएगी गिरावट; यहां आंधी-पानी का अलर्ट जारीरौशनगंज में लेवी-डिमांड को ले पोकलैंड मशीन में लगाई आगस्वामी रंगरामानुजाचार्य जी को दी श्रद्धांजलिडीजे की धुन पर नाचने के सवाल पर मोहनपुर में मारपीट, छह घायललाओस के राजदूत पहुंचे बोधगया, वट लाओ इंटरनेशनल बौद्धमठ का किया दर्शनभगवान बुद्ध व उनके शिष्यों के पवित्र अस्थिकलश का दर्शन करेंगे श्रद्धालुछिनतई किये गये मोबाइल के साथ महिला गिरफ्तारगूंज रहा है सदियों से श्रीकृष्ण का गीता ज्ञान.. ..डंपर की ठोकर से दिव्यांग युवक की मौत, हंगामामुफस्सिल थाना से सौ गज की दूरी पर बाइक व रुपए लूटे



ARRAH Nagar is located in Bhojpur district in the state of Bihar. Bhojpur was born in 1962. Bhojpur district was separated from Shahabad district in 1962. ARRAH city is the major city of Bhojpur. ARRAH city is made up of Sanskrit aranya – meaning jungle. This means that today’s ARRAH was previously a dense forest. In the past, it is said that Lord Ram’s guru Acharya Vishwamitra had his ashram in this area. Ara is also known as the city of warrior. Kunwar Singh of ARRAH Nagar had a prominent place in securing independence from India from the British. Babu Kunwar Singh was a zamindar of Jagdishpur located in the state of Bihar. Kunwar Singh was born in 1777 in Jagdishpur village of Bhojpur district, Bihar. His father’s name was Babu Sahabzada Singh. Kunwar Singh belonged to the couple’s family. But his property was taken away by the wrong policies of the East India Company. Kunwar Singh waged war with the British. He organized the revolutionaries. Keeping his means in mind, he adopted the policy of guerrilla warfare. Kunwar Singh proceeded from Jagdishpur and saved Ghazipur, Ballia, Azamgarh etc. from the British. At the time of the first freedom struggle, Kunwar Singh was 80 years old. They can also have immense courage, strength and old age. Even in such old age he did not give up but he worked with capacity. The Bakhorapur temple in ARRAH is a very famous temple. Its intention is discussed all over India. There is a grand Maa Kali temple in Bakhorapur under Barhara block in Bhojpur district. This temple is popular due to its grandeur and wide spread area. It is an ancient belief that once a severe cholera spread in Bakhorapur, around 500 people were killed. At the same time a monk entered the village. He asked to establish the body of mother Kali. Also said that by doing this the disease will stop. It is said that the elders of the village, after consulting with them, started the puja by installing nine bodies of Mother Kali behind a neem tree. After a few days, the monks disappeared. At the same time, cholera was gradually eliminated from the village.

A 105-feet mother Kali statue is going to be built here. The people of Ara believe a lot in puja recitation. Koivar bridge at Ara which is built over the Son River. This bridge is the longest bridge in India known as Abdul Bari bridge. The holy river Ganga also flows in Ara and Sinha Ghat is the most beautiful and prominent ghat of Ara. There is a crowd of priests here. People of all religions live in ARRAH.



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Some Facts About ARRAH



During the Indian defiance of 1857, a social occasion of 18 British normal individuals and 50 Indian warriors was assaulted in the Little House at ARRAH, by a band of 2500 – 3000 outfitted troopers and around 8000 others under the request for 80-year-old Veer Kunwar Singh, the Zamindar of adjoining Jagdishpur. They withstood the attack for eight days until eased by other East India Company troops.



As indicated by 2011 measurements, the ARRAH Municipal Corporation had a total masses of 261,099, out of which 139,319 were folks and 121,780 were females. It had a sex extent of 874. The people underneath 5 years was 34,419. The capability pace of the 7+ masses was 83.41 for every penny.



The air is warm and mellow in Arrah. In winter, there is considerably less precipitation in Arrah than in summer. The temperature here midpoints 26.1 °C. The typical yearly precipitation is 960 mm.The driest month is December, with 1 mm of precipitation. With a normal of 272 mm, the most precipitation falls in August.The hottest month of the year is May, with a normal temperature of 33.1 °C. January has the most reduced normal temperature of the year. It is 17.1 °C.


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